Meet Your Teacher

BABYBOYBLUE (also known as Liam Reyes) is a Filipino American Music Producer/Artist. For the last 8 years, Liam has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered music for artists all across the world ranging from many different genres such as Indie Pop, Hip-hop, Rock/Punk and Electronic. A few big upcoming artists he has produced for include Rachel BochnerAmanda YangBianca JolynDelly FlayChris and BriMike's DeadJustin Magnaye, and many more. 

Do You Struggle With Mixing Vocals?

You spend hours in your studio trying to mix the perfect vocal. You look up tutorial after tutorial but everything is too complicated and no one has the right answers that are suitable for you.

Your answers can be found in Adaptable Vocals

In this course I help you solve questions about vocal mixing in the most simplified manner. Not only will you be learning easy to follow tecniques, you will also learn the thought process behind each step in order to make them adaptable to any song you find yourself working on.

Build Delly Flay
Mixing Pop & Rap Vocals

Need to learn how to mix vocals for Pop or Rap?

We will be using Delly Flay's "Build" as our example on how to mix your standard vocal to get it sounding crisp and in your face.

Randy Louise Say You Do
Mixing Ballad/Acoustic Vocals

Having a hard time fitting vocals in ballads or acoustic songs? We will be using Randy Louise's "Say You Do" as our example on how to mix intimate vocals to sit well with dynamic instruments.

Duck School Quarter Life Crisis
Mixing Agressive Rock Vocals

Struggling to get your vocals upfront in a dense mix? We will be using Duck School's "Letters" as our example on how to mix hard hitting and agressive vocals.


These are some results students saw after taking this course!

Adrian Milanio

While mixing his song "Moment" Adrian was up to his 12th Mix Revision before he took Adaptable Vocals. After the course, he restarted one last time using the skills he learned and finally got a perfect vocal mix for him and his featured artist.

Asiael Rizado

Asiael was able to apply the knowledge he learned in Adaptable Vocals towards his vocal mixes in his singles "Pink Rain" and "True." Since then he has been using these techniques for future releases.

Here's What's Inside

  Getting Started
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  MIXING SOFT VOCALS (Ballads/Acoustic Songs)
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How Much is Adaptable Vocals?

You Don't Have To Struggle With Your Vocal Mixes

In my 8 years of producing and mixing music, I know what it feels like to be frustrated with a bad vocal mix.

By enrolling in my course, you can say goodbye to the endless hours wasted watching complicated tutorials. You can say goodbye to the frustration and lack of knowledge you feel when presented with tough vocal jobs.


Is Adaptable Vocals

Right For Me?

The last thing I want to do is waste any of your time.

Although I created this course to be as simplified as possible, Adaptable Vocals is not for everyone. If you have 0 experience recording or mixing music, you WILL find it difficult to follow along.

If you do not have a proper DAW that will allow you to send audio through Busses (aka Aux Tracks), this course is not for you.


To further help you decide if Adaptable Vocals is right for you, Here is the very first video of the course. Here is where we outline what we are going to learn as well as the prerequisites needed to follow along